Forearm Wood: Canxan Negro Burl
Butt Sleeve Wood: Canxan Negro Burl
Points: 4 High and 4 Low Inlaid Ebony Points with Black/Green/Green/Maple Veneers Going up into Forearm and Down into Butt Sleeve
Inlays: Total Inlays For This Cue is 720, 468 Being Copper Dots
Ivory Spearheads, Ivory Dots, Ebony V at top of points, Malachite Spearheads and Lines, Straight and Curved Brass Lines, Green Box Elder Burl "Windows" in Center of Cue

Ring: Black/Maple/Ebony/Maple/Green/Black/Canxan Negro Burl/Black/Green/Maple/Ebony/Maple/Black Rings with 32 Copper Dots, Used 6 Times Throughout Cue
Joint & Butt Cap: Ivory
Pin: Titanium Radial
Shaft Specs: Two Standard 13MM Maple Shafts