Kielwood Shaft

Kielwood shafts feature low-deflection performance and durability on par or exceeding the top carbon fiber shafts while maintaining the feel and pleasing sounds of a wood shaft.  The difference comes from the special "torrification" process and here's how it works:     

Torrification is a proven process (instrument/Guitar builders have used it for soundboards and guitar tops to great effect) involving the use of a high-temperature kiln to mimics the effects of natural aging and drying. The accelerated drying process actually changes the cellular structure of the wood by releasing around 95% of the sugars and moisture inside the shaft. Removing those natural elements lightens the shaft and closes off the wood cells to stiffen as well. These are very desirable properties when creating a low-deflection shaft!

Maple, is naturally hygroscopic, which means it will absorb and release moisture with changes in temperature and humidity. These environmental changes are usually what causes warping in pool cue shafts. By closing the cellular structure of the wood, the torrification process creates a non-hygroscopic pool cue shaft that is more resistant to environmental changes and warpage. The resulting Kielwood shaft provides uniquely pleasing feedback and a distinctive golden honey color with performance that is second to none!

Torrified maple is all the rave on the billiard forums and is proving itself to be a worthy alternative shaft material to carbon fiber as they share many of the same performance traits. If you have been looking for a low-deflection carbon fiber alternative this is the shaft you want and need.

Available in most joints and sizes including radial, 3/8 10, 5/16 14, 5/16 18 , uniloc and more

Shaft Diameters 13mm, 12.75mm and 11.75mm  

Standard Hydex 2.02 Ferrule and Tiger Everest Tip

Custom sizes and collars are available for an extra cost and lead time!

These shafts are made to order and take at least 6 to 8 weeks from order date for completion.