The HB5 is designed with Mediterranean Olivewood, Gaboon Ebony, and Blue Lapis. The Forearm is composed of Mediterranean Olivewood. The Golden Caramel wood grain gives the Mediterranean Olivewood its exquisite appearance. Genuine Black Pig Skin leather makes up the wrap section tying in the Mediterranean Olivewood Butt Sleeve. Accomplishing this cue are Thirty-Six White Juma Index Stitches, Sixteen Gaboon Ebony Points, Sixteen Gaboon Ebony Windows, Eight Light Denim Blue Lapis Inlays, and Eighty-Eight Jewelers bronze Inlays with a grand total of OneHundred Sixty-Four hand laid Inlays placed in each cue. This cue is finalized with a Radial 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

Forearm Wood: Olivewood
Butt Sleeve Wood: Olivewood
Forearm Inlays: Ebony Inlays with Denim Blue Lapis and Brass Dot Inlays
Butt Sleeve Inlays: Ebony Inlays with Denim Blue Lapis and Jewelers Bronze Inlays
Wrap: Black Textured Leather Wrap
Ring Pattern: Double White Rings
Pin Size: Radial
Shaft Specs: One 12.75mm High Performance Ultra Pro Shaft