The Heritage L2 Cue is crafted with Birdseye Maple and Bocote. L2 Cue is enhanced with an array of ring work and inlays. The forearms are made from Bocote, a wood native to Mexico. It has a striking zebra-like wood grain. Birdseye Maple makes up the wrap and butt section of this cue. Birdseye Maple is found in the Eastern USA and regions of Canada. Birdseye Maple is one of the rarest woods on the planet, only about one percent of All Maple woods have the distinct Birdseye pattern. There are four white Juma Tiffany Diamonds, four Abalone Circles, fourteen Jewelers Bronze Circles, six Black Juma Spear Centers and six Birdseye Points inlaid in the L2 Cue. Abalone is primarily found in the Indian Ocean off the Coast of South Africa in a clam-like shell. This cue is complete with a radial pin and a 12.75MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

Jacoby Heritage L2

Forearm Wood: Bacote
Butt Sleeve Wood: Birdseye Maple
Forearm Inlays: Birdseye Maple Points, Jeweler Bronze Circles and Black Juma Spears
Butt Sleeve Inlays: None
Wrap: Birdseye Maple
Ring Pattern: Black
Joint:White Juma
Pin Size: Radial
Shaft Specs: One 12.75mm Ultra Pro Shaft
Weight: 18.0oz - 20.2oz