The Heritage L5 Cue is crafted with Tigerstripe Maple and Zircote. This ue is adorned with rings and inlays. The forearm and butt sleeve are made from Tigerstripe Maple. The L5 has a Zircote top wrap section with accenting inlays. There are eight White Juma Tiffany diamonds, eight Abalone circles, one hundred twenty-two Jewelers Bronze Circles, twenty Abalone pieces, eight Zircote pieces, and forty four pieces of White Juma hand placed inlays. This cue is complete with a radial pin and a 12.75MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

Forearm Wood: Tigerstripe Maple
Butt Sleeve Wood: Tigerstripe Maple
Forearm Inlays: Zircote, Jewelers Bronze, Black Juma, White Juma and Abalone
Butt Sleeve Inlays: None
Wrap: None
Ring Pattern: Black
Joint:White Juma
Pin Size: Radial
Shaft Specs: One 12.75mm Ultra Pro Shaft
Weight: 18.7oz - 20.9oz