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Learn the fundamentals of the ellusive jump shot with Brandon Jacoby's quick and simple nine step approach. You'll be doing the dart stroke like it's second nature. With the Jacoby Jump Cue, and this DVD, it's easy as one, two, three!

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"Little" Joe Villapando's Pool I.Q. DVD
Legendary "Little" Joe Vilapando takes you into his 50 years of pool playing experience, explaining how easy it is to learn where your cue ball is going on all kick shots. Joe utilizes his clock system, along with simple graphs and assistance from the Behnke family.

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Little Joe Villalpando's Pool I.Q. Vol. 2 DVD
Little Joe instructs you once again in his second video in the series, this time on cue ball control. He covers a wide use of tangent lines, along with his clock and gear system in order to give you the knowledge on how to control your cue ball with each shot.

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Let your young pool enthusiast learn the colors and numbers of the pool balls
from Pool Pals Coloring and Activity books. Four different books to choose from.

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