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Jacoby Repair Pricing (Jacoby Cues Only)

Jacoby Shafts

Standard Maple               $150
Index or Inlaid Rings        Quote

*Standard is 10" pro taper, 13MM, tiger everest tip additional charge for other requests
**Standard shaft lengths are 29", add $25 for extra length orders. Maximum length on Jacoby Shafts are 31".

Edge Hybrid

Standard Edge Hybrid $270
Uni-Loc Edge Hybrid $280

Custom Ring Work      (other then pictured on standard)     +$40

Custom Length (anything + - 29")  + $25/inch

Custom Diameter (anything other than 11.75MM  
or 12.75MM)     +$25
Tip Change     Quote

Performance Shaft 

Predator 314-3 or Z-3     $305
OB1 & OB2                     $275
Tiger X                            $275
*Unique ringwork or uni-loc joint extra  Quote
**Standard shaft lengths are 29" Maximum length on Performance shafts are 30"   +$25

Elk (soft)     $20
Lepro (medium)    $20
Triangle (medium) $20 
Tiger Everest (medium, layered)    $30 
Sniper (soft, layered)    $35

G-2 (soft, med, or hard, layered)  $40 
Moori (soft, med or hard, layered)  $45 
Kamui (soft, med or hard, layered) $45


Ivorine (standard)   $40 + cost of tip
Ivory   $85 + cost of tip


Irish Linen   $55
Leather      $125  
Cork          $125
Stacked Leather  $185 
Reburnish/Repolish Wrap  $20
Cut In/Fill Wrap Channel $25 + wrap

(*linen channels are deeper than leather, so if replacing a linen with leather the wrap may not be flush above/below the wrap)

Link to download REQUIRED Repair form

Joint Work  
Change Insert/Re-Plug & Thread $40
Change Joint/Replace Existing Joint $65
Change Pin/Replace Existing Pin $85
(*finish work may need to be added)  
Reface Joint $20
Re-Glue Joint Collar (includes reface) $30
Change Joint Rings (starts at) $25
(*quote price for ring work other than black collar)  
Finish Work  
Refinish - No Wrap Cue $195
Refinish - Linen Wrap $250
Refinish - Leather Wrap $325
Refinish - Buttsleeve $60
Refinish - Forearm $85
Refinish - Extra Shaft $40
Fill In Chips/Repolish $30

Other Repairs

Replace Bumper $10
Recondition Shaft (clean) $20
Shaft Straightening $20
Shaft Straightening Tool $25
Change Weight System $30
Adjust Weight (varies by brand) Quote
Retaper/Reduce Shaft $40
(*Edge Hybrid Shafts are not able to be reduced as drastically as maple shafts due to thier core, please call to get details)  
Install Cue Extension (does not include finish or wrap work) $185
Butt Caps  
Replace Butt Cap (does not include refinish) $65
Ivory Butt Cap (includes butt sleeve refinish) $250
Engrave Name $35
Engrave Logo $35
(*additional charge if logo needs to be edited )  


Weightbolt Kit
(includes instructions, 4 weightbolts, allen wrench, bumper)
Joint Protectors (black delrin) $7.50 per cap

Broken Cues

Fix Broken Cue $145
(*cost of any finish or inlay work extra) Quote

Send all repairs to:

Jacoby Custom Cues
309 Market Street
Nekoosa WI. 54457

Include your name, address,
phone and requested repair information

We do not work on poor quality cues.

Link to download REQUIRED Repair form

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