HB Collection

HB Collection

The HB collection consists of nine beautifully handcrafted cues featuring a mix of traditional style with contemporary inlay patterns. All of the cues in this collection are fitted with one of our Ultra Shafts and have a cored construction with a three point weighting system.










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  • Jacoby HB8

    Price $1,575.00

    The Final cue of the HB line the HB8 is configured with a Bocote forearm and ButtSleeve. Bocote is a Tropical hardwood with a wide range of straight to wild grain patterns. The wrap section is a Genuine Black Embossed Leather. The HB8 is embellished with Thirty-Six White Juma Index Stitches. Eight White Juma Points, eight White Buffalo Turquoise spears, and TwoHundred Thirty-Two Jewelers Bronze Inlays giving an astonishing number of Two-Hundred Eighty-four hand placed inlays in each HB8. This cue is finalized with a Radial Pin and a 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

  • Jacoby HB7

    Price $1,525.00

    The HB7 is constructed with TigerStripe Maple, Bocote, and Turquoise. The forearm and buttsleeve are composed of TigerStripe Maple. The wood grain vaguely resembles the coat of a Tiger giving it the TigerStripe Maple name. The wrap secion is assembled with Bocote. Bocote is a wood Native to Mexico that has an array of Zebra-like wood grain. The HB7 is adorned with Thirty-Six Turquoise Index Stitches, Sixteen Black Juma Points, eight Bocote spears, eight TigerStripe spears, and Thirty-Two Turquoise Spears hand placed in each cue. This cue comes complete with a Radial Pin 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

  • Jacoby HB6

    Price $1,465.00

    Constructed with BirdsEye Maple, Black Palm, and Bloody Basin Jasper Inlay. BirdsEye Maple makes up the forearm. The wrap section is made with Black Palm Native to South America and Southeast Asia. Black Palm has black fibers embedded in a lighter tan/brown giving this species of wood its stunning visual appearance. Enhancing the HB6 bold design is Thirty-Six White Juma Index Stitches, eight Gaboon Ebony Points, Twentyfour Bloody Basin Jasper Inlays, Sixteen Holly Inlays. Bloody Basin Jasper is part of the Quartz family and is Native to Arizona. The Bloody Basin Jasper is prized for its’ deep crimson tone with jet black veins. Giving this cue the grand total of Eight-Eight hand place inlays. This cue is finalized with a Radial pin, 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

  • Jacoby HB5

    Price $1,285.00

    The HB5 is designed with Mediterranean Olivewood, Gaboon Ebony, and Blue Lapis. The Forearm is composed of Mediterranean Olivewood. The Golden Caramel wood grain gives the Mediterranean Olivewood its exquisite appearance. Genuine Black Italian Lizard leather makes up the wrap section tying in the Mediterranean Olivewood Butt Sleeve. Accomplishing this cue are Thirty-Six White Juma Index Stitches, Sixteen Gaboon Ebony Points, Sixteen Gaboon Ebony Windows, Eight Light Denim Blue Lapis Inlays, and Eighty-Eight Jewelers bronze Inlays with a grand total of OneHundred Sixty-Four hand laid Inlays placed in each cue. This cue is finalized with a Radial 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

  • Jacoby HB4T

    Price $1,250.00

    The HB4-T is created with BirdsEye Maple, Cocobolo, with accenting Pearl and Turquoise Inlays. The rare BirdsEye Maple makes up the forearm of this cue. Native to the Canadian Regions and Eastern USA. The eye-like wood grain defines the BirdsEye look and name. The HB4-T wrap section is a glossy Genuine Embossed Black Crocodile leather. The butt sleeve is composed of Cocobolo wood. Finishing the unique design of this cue is the Thirty-six Turquoise index stitches, four cocobolo points, twenty Turquoise inlays and sixteen Pearl inlays all hand placed in this cue. The HB4-T comes complete with a Radial Pin and a 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

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    Jacoby HB4J

    Price $1,250.00

    The HB4-J is constructed with BirdsEye Maple, Cocobolo, and Leopard Jasper. BirdsEye Maple with the rare eye-like wood pattern composes the forearm. BirdsEye makes up one percent of the total maple wood species making it rare and valuable. The Red and orange toned cocobolo makes up the butt sleeve. Cocobolo is native to Central America most commonly located between Mexico and Panama. The wrap is a Genuine Cognac Embossed Leather. Finalizing the cues unique design is the Thirty-six Cocobolo Index Stitches, four cocobolo points, twenty Leopard Jasper Inlays, sixteen Holly Inlays and Thirty rings hand placed in each cue. This cue comes complete with a Radial Pin and a 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

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    Jacoby HB3

    Price $1,045.00

    The HB3 is designed with Bocote and TigerStripe Maple. The forearm and butt sleeve are constructed with Bocote, a wood native to Mexico. Bocote has a strong distinct zebra-like pattern that defines the wood. The wrap section is a black leather Italian Lizard. The HB3 has Tiger Stripe Maple Inlays. Tiger Stripe maple contracts the Bocote and defines this cue with a bold appearance. The HB3 has Thirty-Six Bocote index stitches and Twenty-eight Tiger Stripe Inlays. This cue is finished off with a Radial Pin, 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

  • Jacoby HB2

    Price $835.00

    The HB2 is hand crafted with Birdseye Maple, Cocobolo, and Turquoise giving this cue a traditional look with a modern twist. The forearms are made from Birdseye Maple. This is one of the world's rarest woods showcasing eye-like wood grains. The HB2 has a cocobolo wrap and buttsleeve as well as four cocobolo inlaid points in the forearm. Cocobolo has a variegated look to this species of wood, with warm orange and red tones with darker brown and red grain lines. Accenting this cue are thirty-six turquoise index stitches and one Radial Pin 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

  • Jacoby HB1

    Price $765.00

    The HB1 Cue is composed of Birdseye Maple and Mediterranean Olivewood with Cocobolo Index Rings. Birdseye Maple Makes up the forearm and butt sleeve of this cue. Birdseye Maple is one of the rarest woods in the world, only making up one percent of the maplewoods. It is found primarily in Eastern USA and regions of Canada. Mediterranean Olivewood beautifies the wrap section. The golden caramel swirls give this species of wood its shockingly warm appearance. The HB1 is embellished with cocobolo index rings and defining each section of the cue. Completing this cue is a Radial Pin and 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.