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  • The "Picone White Diamond tip" is not a phenolic tip. Phenolic resins are hard and brittle and although they do make the ball jump as well as break hard, can be difficult to glue and very prone to miscues. The "Picone White Diamond tip" reduces miss-cues, to a minimum. Takes and holds chalk very well. It allows you to put English on the cue ball. You can jump with English, stop the cue ball, and even draw it back.

  • Break Tips Hammerhead

    Price $40.00

    These specialized tips are designed to excel in two crucial aspects of the game: jumping shots and break shots. Crafted from aerospace synthetic material, Hammerhead tips offer a slightly softer composition compared to other fiberglass and phenolic tips available. This unique characteristic provides you with enhanced control, speed, and power transfer to the cue ball, all while ensuring no damage is inflicted.

  • Break Tips Piku

    Price $60.00

    Hyper-Reactive Thermal Technology PiKU Break Tips are a hyper-reactive thermal technology synthetic tip that has the power of phenolic, but with the control and chalking ability of leather.

  • Break Tips Kamui Sai

    Price $60.00

    Harmonize the power of resin and the control of leather to get the Control Break Sai tip by Kamui. No longer do you have to choose between control or power. Utilize the elasticity of a Kamui Black tip with the strength of a phenolic tip to truly give yourself an edge on the more important shot of the game.

  • Jacoby Titan tips are made here at the Jacoby Custom Cues Inc. Factory. We create these extraordinary tips from High Grade White Hydex 202. The use of this material results in a super strong break tip that transfers the energy seamlessly from the cue to the cueball for an absurdly powerful break while maintaining control.

  • Break Tips Odega

    Price $35.00

    Odega Tips are made in West Fargo North Dakota USA. Premium layered calfskin leather is used to create these monster break tips

  • Break Tips Samsara

    Price $35.00

    For years, Samsara has been searching for a leather tip that is hard enough to break and jump with and not cause damage to the cue ball, but still have the grip necessary to control the cue ball. It became apparent that there was no such tip on the market. After months of trial and error and extensive testing, Samsara finally achieved success. The result is a 9 layer leather Samsara Jump/Break tip that is legal in most formats.

  • Break Tip Phenolic

    Price $25.00

    These break tips are made from the highest quality Phenolic Fiber/Resin allowing the tip to hold chalk well, grip the cueball well, and retain its shape well. These tips come on all Jacoby Heavy Hitters & Feather Weights.

  • Break Tips Sumo

    Price $20.00

    Sumo tips are made from water buffalo and are a hard tip These are great for breaking or jumping. You can even use them as a playing tip assuming you like a hard tip

  • How

    Price $50.00

    HOW pool cue tips are selected and designed to provide the utmost control and feedback with each shot. The stringent material selection process used by HOW creates a tip with an incredible balance of playability and power, elasticity, and grip.

  • Navigator Automatic

    Price $45.00

    The Navigator Automatic tip features 10 layers of additive and dye-free Japanese pigskin and uses a month-long production method to maintain the excellence of the leather. This method created a tip that is most like the original pigskin leather, soft and consistent with little to no deformation.

  • G2

    Price $50.00

    The G² tip is produced with 8 layers of high quality Japanese pig skin. Every cue tip is tested with computer to quality check their hardness to make sure all the tips have the same consistent pattern. There're many fake cue tips so each tip will come with its own S/N scratch off sticker. To verify if your tip is real, simply scratch off the S/N sticker to reveal your 12 S/N number.

  • Outsville Techno Dud

    Price $50.00

    The Outsville Techno-Dud playing tip is created with a formulated emulsion concocted of lab grade casein stocks which allows Outsville to control the consistency and quality of each batch of Techno-Dud tips thereby producing a great tip that plays like a medium but grips the cue ball a bit like a soft tip.

  • Outsville Ki-Tech

    Price $45.00

    The Ki-Tech performance cue tips. Ki-Tech tip uses the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) technology that measures the elasticity which determines the feel and energy transfer of their tips. Available in 5 different hardness's these tips are constructed using single layered leather using COR technology. Ki-Tech tips provide a consistent hardness over the life of the tip.

  • Zan Hybrid

    Price $60.00

    Zan Hybrid MAX Tips give you the power of a Hard, grip of a Medium and control of a Soft all in one. Control - Zan Tips hold chalk exceptionally well, giving each player maximum control of cue ball direction and spin without miscuing.

  • Zan

    Price $60.00

    ZAN Pool Cue Tips are high-quality laminated leather tips composed of eight or nine layers of pig and hog leather. For each hardness, specific leathers are used which gives ZAN tips solidity and high elasticity. Zan tips hold chalk exceptionally well, giving each player maximum control of cue ball direction and spin without miscuing.

  • Predator Victory

    Price $60.00

    The Predator Victory Tips will help take your cue to an elite level. Constructed with the highest of standards, Predator Victory Tips feature an 8 layer design to help hold shape and maintain optimum compression for the entire life of the tip. Additionally, these layered leather tips have been tested by top professional players to ensure the highest of quality.

  • Kamui Clear Tan

    Price $60.00

    Achieve further consistency by limiting the glue absorbed into the bottom layers of the tip. No sanding of the bottom layer is needed. Easy installation due to the flat surface of the glue side. Minimal amount of glue guarantees a perfectly aligned installation to achieve the designed tip and cue performance.

  • Kamui Clear Black

    Price $60.00

    Kamui Black Tips are made from high quality, specially selected pigskin. With each Kamui tip, the leather is tanned by a special moisture proof tanning, giving the Kamui Black the black color and making it "humidity resistant". Kamui found the way to apply this process without interfering with the porosity, adding more elasticity to the tip and protecting the tip from the environment.

  • Tiger Sniper

    Price $45.00

    The Sniper tip is designed to give maximum control, consistency and offer the least amount of deflection a soft-medium cue tip can offer. The VACULAM lamination process eliminates air between layers and within the leather. Along with Tiger's “APP” (advanced Pressurized Process), the Sniper is an adaptable tip for any player, game or style! This tip is made from quality boar hide and treated slowly without any chemicals, producing a superior playing tip.

  • Tiger Onyx

    Price $45.00

    The Onyx - LTD® laminated cue tips are the perfect blend of signature Tiger technology, consistency and beauty. Produced in house and in limited numbers, this Tiger tip is made from the finest quality boar hides. Each layer is hand-picked and aged with Tigers’ signature process. This secret process turns the Onyx laminated cue tip black without using a black color dye and softens each layer to medium hardness while making the leather firmer. This allows for easy maintenance and makes the Onyx one of the most consistent tips on the market. A red layer helps identify when it’s time for a tip change.

  • Tiger Emerald

    Price $45.00

    This medium hard cue tip is made with recycled pig leather splits and laminated with water based custom-made adhesives to get maximum strength for lamination. Created with 10 consistent layers and laminated with Tiger's signature VACULAM process, the Emerald is aesthetically pleasing, economic and environmentally friendly!

  • Tiger Everest

    Price $40.00

    Made from hand selected quality pig skins, the Everest Laminated Cue Tip is sophisticated, durable and advanced. Each layer is carefully selected and split. From these splits only the ten most even and durable layers are chosen. Tiger's VACULAM lamination process eliminates air between layers and within the leather. The Everest cue tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has a control like a soft tip.

  • Ultraskin

    Price $40.00

    Ultrskin tips are made with the finest, hand-chosen pig skin and treated with a proprietary resin resulting in a high quality tip.

  • Black Jack

    Price $40.00

    These Japanese tips are made of 5 layers of hand selected pigskin and are consistent in hardness.

  • Talisman

    Price $40.00

    This layered tip is made from selected high quality pig skin and requires little maintenance. It maintains its shape and will never mushroom, far outlasting single layer tips.

  • Water Buffalo

    Price $30.00

    Water Buffalo cue tips are leather pressed tips made out of buffalo hides from Southeast Asia. Water Buffalo Tips are known to Last 3 times longer than Cowhide Tips. 14mm.

  • Triangle

    Price $30.00

    Triangle tips are a thick, firm tip crafted from special chrome tanned leather. You'll notice very little mushrooming and excellent chalk retention with this product. Triangle tips have a coarse grain and are recognized as a hard cue tip. Triangle tips are made in the USA by Tweeten Fibre, the makers of Master Chalk.

  • Elk Master

    Price $30.00

    Elk Master tips by Tweeten Fibre are crafted from prime mineral-tanned leather creating a tip that will wear well and hold its shape. They are recognized by their distinctive blue color.

  • Le Pro

    Price $30.00

    Le Professional (“Le Pro”) hard leather tips are an industry favorite crafted from vegetable-tanned oak leather with a special protective coating to seal and preserve the leather until the cue is ready to play. Le Pro tips are “French style” cue tips, made in the USA by Tweeten Fibre. (14mm)

  • Triumph

    Price $30.00

    Triumphs tips are thick, firm tips crafted from the firmest portions of the finest imported leather which is specially treated. You'll notice very little mushrooming and excellent chalk retention with this product. Triumph tips have a coarse grain and are recognized as a medium cue tip