Custom Ordering

Custom Ordering

Ordering YourJacoby Custom Cue

Thank you for your interest in ordering a custom cue. So, what can Jacoby Custom Cues help you customize? How about every aspect of the cue from the tip to the bumper! We can install any tip. A ferrule can be ordered from a selection of materials or lengths. Shaft tapers can be changed. Standard maple or performance shafts can be added to any cue or made to fit a cue you already own. We are able to incorporate any joint pin or joint material. We have over 40 different species of wood to choose from for construction of the butt and inlay use. We also have over 20 colors of Irish linen as well as hundreds of pieces of leather and cork to choose from. A butt can be ordered in any taper and thickness. Cues can be built as short as you like to as long as 64 inches in length. When it comes to "custom cues" we mean it!

You can design your cue from scratch and send us your own design. Simply download our CUSTOM CUE ORDER FORM and sketch your design out on the form. After you have drawn your design just fax it, snail-mail it, or e-mail it to us and we will review your design and offer suggestions. Let us know your spending limit and we can work with you to create a cue that is within you price range. If you aren't feeling very artistic we can help with that too. Just give us some ideas of colors or materials you like as well as the specs and we will design a cue for you.

Another option you have is to select a design from our CURRENT INVENTORY or our ARCHIVES SECTION, then customize the materials and inlay combinations. A cue's look and style can be greatly changed by just modifying its color combination. It can be difficult to visualize how a design will look once the cue is finished so by looking at what has already been created you eliminate some of the guessing. It is often easiest to find something you like and then change the materials to make it your own. It is also the most cost efficient way to design a custom cue. There is very little difference in price when changing materials, unless more exotic materials are utilized.

All custom orders require a 20% non-refundable deposit before any work is started. The remainder of the cost can be paid while the cue is being made or in one lump sum upon completion. Keep in mind, once the order is started a $25 fee will be charged for any changes made to the design, in addition to the cost of the change.

Any and ALL returns will be handled at the sole discretion of Jacoby Custom Cues Inc. We reserve the right to decline returns for any reason we deem appropriate. We will not authorize any returns of merchandise after 30 days of purchase. Any and All Trade-Ins will be handled at the sole discretion of Jacoby Custom Cues Inc. We reserve the right to decline Trade-Ins for any reason we deem appropriate.

If you have a credit with us please note that the credit will not last forever and you should use it before it expires. We usually honor credits for up to 2 years unless special circumstances arise or otherwise permitted. Thank you for understanding.

Please CONTACT US and we would be glad to help you bring your ideas to life!