The Pharaoh was named the 1st runner up in the ACA People's Choice Cue of the Year for 2011.

The cue has an ivory joint. The forearm, buttsleeve and wrap area are tiger stripe maple, which depict the sands of Egypt. The cue has turquoise and ivory points. The veneers on the points are jewelers bronze, and pale blue to reflect the colors in the gold mask that adorned King Tut's tomb. The color red was also a prominent color on that mask and is used in the ring work of the cue as well as the inlays. The abalone spearheads have jewlers bronze inlays around them to represent scarabs, which were the Egyptian talisman symbol of the soul. The ebony sections of the wrap are engraved with hieroglyphics that translate to say Devine Power. In the very center of the wrap is an inlay of The Eye Of Ra, the "all seeing eye" which is believed to ensure the safety and health of the bearer and provide wisdom as well as prosperity.