Make the cue ball take flight with our Nano jump cue. This jump cue is extremely light, excelling at close range jumping. It has a twill carbon fiber handle with a carbon fiber shaft. The cue is designed with a finger groove for use with the dart technique. It has a black phenolic one-piece tip which is extremely hard, increasing its jumping ability.

Tip/Ferrule: Black phenolic tip X 0.400” Long, solid, one-piece ferrule/tip combination
Shaft: Nano Jump shaft - Unidirectional carbon fiber with foam center and 13.1mm diameter tip.
Joint Pin: Aluminum Radial
Joint Diameter: 0.847"
Joint Material: 1 1/2” Capped Tigerstripe
Available Colors: Twill carbon fiber with stained gray joint and cap
Length: 40” - 29” shaft / 11” butt
Weight Range: 4.4 - 4.8 oz Natural weight range (3.0 oz shaft / 1.6 oz handle)
Weight System: None
Butt Cap: Stained Gray Tiger Stripe
Bumper: ⅝ stem push in bumper