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How Jacoby Custom Cues began...

Jacoby Custom Cues, Inc. was formed in 1982 as Dave's Cue Service. David and his son, Shane, started doing repairs in the basement of their home. When they were ready for more challenges, they ventured on to tackle the task of creating their first cue. They put their talents and imaginations to work aided by other great cue makers and earned themselves membership in the American Cue Maker's Association. For those who value excellence, they created the finest handcrafted masterpieces, and Jacoby Custom Cues started to grow. Shane went in the Army in 1986 and then to college for industrial engineering. Dave's other son, Brandon, took over at this point. In 1992 they built a shop and moved out of the basement. It didn't take long for Jacoby Custom Cues to grow even more, to keep up with the demand of their fine cues they moved once again.

Now, Jacoby Custom Cues is located in the downtown of Nekoosa, Wisconsin. All of the work, from start to finish, takes place in Nekoosa, WI U.S.A. While Brandon runs and operates all of the shop and cue making duties, Dave can be found at most major pool tournaments and cue shows throughout the United States displaying cues and keeping a close eye on what the player's wants and needs are. Until 2013 Dave was the President of the American Cue makers Association, which works to promote the American made cue. He held this position for six years and in 2013 stepped down. This move has allowed Dave to continue to enjoy local pool leagues, traveling to to see dealers around the country and enjoying a little extra time at his cabin.

What others are saying...

"I have played with the jacoby edge hybrid shaft for almost 2 years now and absolutely love it, I recently won a new jacoby cue in a raffle, it's sharp and I've played with it a little and it plays well I'm just waiting for my new edge shaft for it then will use it more, IMO they are a quality cue maker with both traditional and more exotic designs that are trying to relate with everyone's likes"
"I have several Jacoby cues and they are top notch. The are great people and easy to work with. They will build you a cue/shaft any way that you want it."
"I have dealt with them often over the years and they are indeed nice people and great to work with. They stand by their work. The cues are well made and hit very well."
"I have owned quite a few of them and still have a couple of them in my collection. They hit really nice IMO and I will always maintain one for a player to let my friends try them out. Considering the prices on them, you can get some really nice designs and sharp points for not much more than some of the CNC cues out there. Nothing bad to say about them from me!"

Why Choose Us?

Jacoby Custom Cues is an American owned and operated company based out of Nekoosa Wisconsin. We use only the choicest materials and the finest hardwoods in each and every cue we build. We also build custom cues to our customers specifications. Need a one off true splice with some pink and purple veneer, a pink Irish Linen thread wrap handle with your daughter's name engraved into the buttplate? Sure, we'll do that. Maybe you want an Olivewood and Cocobolo design accented with some sterling silver rings and a Stingray grip? Yeah, we'll do that too! No matter what your preferences happen to be, we will build your cue exactly the way you want it and rest assured it is going to play the way you imagined it would.

Upcoming Shows

MAY 17th - MAY 21st 2023
2023 Wisconsin State Championships
Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells
S3214 County Road BD, Baraboo, WI 53913

Cue Sports International presents the 2023 CSI Leagues Wisconsin State Championships

MAY 25th - JUNE 3rd 2023
West Gate Casino
3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

VNEA Presents the VNEA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas

JUNE 2nd - JUNE 4th 2023
116 S. Broad Griffith, Indiana 46319

2023 Citywide World Pool Qualifiers 8-Ball

Our Family

Brandon Jacoby

Master Cue Maker & Owner/CEO - Jacoby Custom Cues LLC

Shane Walker

Master Cue Maker & Co-Owner - Jacoby Custom Cues

Tony Reimer

Master Cue Maker & Co-Owner - Jacoby Custom Cues

Tim Kobza

Master Cue Maker & Co-Owner - Jacoby Custom Cues