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Welcome to the Jacoby BlaCkOuts overview section. Jacoby Custom Cues offers 3 different types of BlaCkOut cues. The three different BlaCkOut style cues we offer are the BlaCkOut Straight Breakers, the BlaCkOut 3 Piece Jump/Breakers, and the BlaCkOut SG cues.

The BlaCkOut Straight Breaker is designed with a one-piece butt. It features our Titan tip, which is softer than phenolic, giving a player added control while breaking. The BlackOut Break/Jump cue has a two-piece butt construction, with the first piece ending 16” from the joint. This allows great comfort using a traditional stroke while performing the jump shot. It has a black phenolic one-piece tip which is extremely hard, giving a player added power on the break while increasing its jumping ability.

The BlaCkOut SG is just a slightly modified verson of our BlaCkOut Break/Jump cue which features our unique soft rubber Sport Grip handle allowing for superior control when breaking or jumping.

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