The Gladiator was named the 1st runner-up in the ACA People's Choice Cue of the Year for 2012.

The forearm and buttsleeve are high figured birdseye maple, depicting the sands of the arena. The center of the cue is red Box Elder Burl symbolizing the blood-soaked sands after battle.

There is an ebony inlay in the center of each veneered point.These are inlayed with jewlers bronze dots and ivory squares that represent the gates that lead into the arena of the colosseum. The tip of the point is done in 100% silver and resembles the tips of the gladiator's spears.

We inlaid the dates of the beginning and the end of the roman empire in the center of the cue. The discs in the center of the handle are the gladiator shields . The ivory inlays at the joint are reminicant of the columns common in Roman arcitecture.

This cue has matching ivory joint protectors, which are not professionally pictured. We do have some pictures here at the shop if anyone is interested in seeing them. The joint protectors perfectly match the cue. The sides of the protctors mirror the joint, completing the column. A sheild made of silver, ivory and cocobolo is centered on the top face of each protector.

The Gladiator cue comes with two matching Edge Hybrid shafts.